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2009 Videos

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2009 Videos

The following videos are of our 2009 display.

You may link to these videos, but you may not repost them to any web site. Please be sure to read the copyright notice for this site.

NOTICE: Some videos have an audible copyright notice embedded within the audio track. This is to prevent users from recording the music and using it their own display, or removing the visible copyright and posting the video to other video sites.

Technical Notes: Dallas had 2 snowfalls in 6 days prior to this video being taken. I'm guessing this affected the communications cable throughout the yard, as some parts of the songs were 'sticking' after that. I wasn't going to track down and replace all cables before filming!


2009 Show Opener

With permission from one of my commercial clients, I used this piece as the opener to the show each night. (Note: Some fog had built up on the lens when this was taken.)

Low res: 9MB

Hi res: 25MB

Santa / NOEL 

The full title of this song is "Disco Santa (Santa Claus/N.O.E.L.)" and is available at the link provided.

Due to the length of this song, only one version is available. (27mb)

Click to watch/download.

Queen of the Winter Night 

An edited version of Queen of the Winter Night by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Low res - 8MB

Hi res - 23MB 


From the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street (1994). This is the first song on the CD.

Low Res - 16MB

Hi Res - 43MB

Wizards in Winter 

No display is complete without Wizards in Winter. Only one version available.

Click to play/download.

Boston Pops - Festival 

An edited version of A Christmas Festival by the Boston Pops.

Low Res: 18MB

Hi Res: 49MB

Joy To The World 

From the Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas CD, it's Joy To The World.

Low Res - 11MB

Hi Res - 31MB

Jingle Dogs 

It's the "Jingle Dogs" version of Jingle Bells. Added this a few years ago, and the kids seem to like it. The adults, well, at least the adults bring the kids by!

Low Res -  13MB

Hi Res - 38MB

Hippopotamus for Christmas 
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmasby Gayla Peevey. Edited for length.


Low Res -  8MB

Hi Res - 23MB


Coca Cola 

The Coca Cola song has been used since 2005. It was originally added for my mother, who collects Coca-Cola memorabilia; however it has become one of the crowd favorites.

Low Res - 8MB

Hi Res - 23MB

Christmas Time is Here 

Christmas Time is Here was added in 2007 at the request of my sister, in memory of her husband who passed away in March, 2005. (I was supposed to add this in 2006 but never got to it! Sorry, sis!)

Low Res - 11MB

Hi Res - 33MB

Carol of the Bells 

Carol of the Bells, by David Foster. This was the first song I sequenced back in 2005. This version is a custom edit, which to my knowledge was produced for a local ice show in 2004.

Low Res - 14MB

Hi Res - 38MB


Good King Joy 

Been using this song in the display since 2005; it's an edited version of Good King Joy, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If memory serves correctly, Marty Slack is where the audio came from.

Low Res 17MB

Hi Res 49MB


Gary Hoey Mix

A medley of two Gary Hoey Christmas songs.

Low Res - 12MB

Hi Res - 34MB

Sleigh Ride 

If I recall correctly, this is one of the very first songs that I sequenced back in 2005. It's been used every year, and updated as new display elements come and go. (Download music from Amazon.com )

Low Res - 11MB

Hi Res - 30MB

Born on Christmas Day 

Introduced to the display in 2007, and updated with new effects for 2009.

Low Res - 12MB

Hi Res - 34MB

Amazing Grace 

New for 2009, this version of Amazing Grace is by "Yule" and is found here: Amazing Grace (2008 Party Version) from Amazon.com. (Hat Tip: Richard Holdman. Excellent work, sir!)

LowRes (12MB)

HiRes - (34MB)


Jingle Bells 

Always a crowd favorite. A techno version of Jingle Bells.

Low Res (9MB)

Hi Res (28MB)

Soldiers Silent Night 

I started using this music in 2007 to close out each night.


Due to the length of this song, only one version is available.

Click to view/download.

Fire and Mercy 

The song is by William Orbit, and it's not a Christmas song. It's one of the few (if not the first) non-Christmas song I've ever put in the display. Been meaning to do this for years, but never got around to it.

Folks in Dallas / Fort Worth may know where this music is from. Others may not. You can download the full length version from Amazon.com

Low Res (7MB)

Hi Res (22MB)


Winter Wonderland 

New for 2009, and edited version of Winter Wonderland by Johnny Mathis.

Low Res (12mb)

Hi Res (33MB)


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