2011 Videos

The following videos are of our 2011 display.

You may link to these videos, but you may not re-post them to any web site. Please be sure to read the copyright notice for this site.

NOTICE: Some videos have an audible copyright notice embedded within the audio track. This is to prevent users from recording the music and using it their own display, or removing the visible copyright and posting the video to other video sites.

Technical Notes: Video was filmed at the end of the season. Above average rainfall in December, combined with suspected vandalism contributed to the 'stickyness' you see in some of these videos.

 (03/06/2012 - Hey look, a video! Part busy at work, and part laziness, but it took a while to get the video online. Hopefully I'll get more of them online soon.) (Well, "soon" is a relative term.)

Good King Joy

This has been in use at the display since 2005. Thanks again to Marty Slack for the audio edit.

{rokbox text=|Click here to watch Good King Joy|}/av/videos/2011-GoodKingJoy.mov{/rokbox}.


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